Alliance Members





The Alliance of Asian Liberal Arts Universities (AALAU), established in November 2017, is a network of respectable liberal arts universities in Asia. All AALAU members share common values, a global vision and a commitment to educating future leaders.



Members of the Alliance, which include major liberal arts universities in Asia, deal with rapid changes of the education landscape by identifying future challenges, sharing best practices, and collaborating among themselves and beyond.



Supported by the Alliance funds for scholar visits between members of the Alliance of Asian Liberal Arts Universities, Prof. Stephen Yong-Seung Park, Professor of Human Resource Management and Director of Institute for Peace through Commerce of Kyung Hee University visited Lingnan University in the week of 23 April 2018.


Upcoming Events

An alliance meeting will be held annually. The representatives of member institutions will work together to identify the major issues and challenges with reference to international best practices in higher education, search for innovative approaches to liberal arts education given the current and future landscape in higher education in Asia and join efforts in addressing the new challenges and opportunities in liberal arts education.

Lingnan University, Hong Kong, will host an international summer school so that students of member universities will have an opportunity to come together to study and share ideas. Through the close interaction with the elite students from other institutions, students will be able to cultivate a sense of global citizenship and leadership.

For the purpose of promoting research collaboration, a pilot research collaboration group will be set up. The group will, based on a commonly shared research interest area among interested alliance members, explore the possibility of conducting joint research projects. The group is also expected to share knowledge on internationally available funding streams and at the same time provide funding advice to the alliance researchers.